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Most of the time practical aids for people with a handicap are not really attractive.

'Pimped by Roos' wants to change the boring look of aids and therefore created a range of products to give your aid a modern look.

Our range of products consists of covers for your crutch (“Stocky”), your wheelchair (“Wheely”) and your walker (“Rolly”). Your aid won’t longer be only for practical use, but will also become a fashion item to match with your personal style or outfit. The cover is replaceable or changeable what makes it easier to adapt to your outfit. Besides the covers, we sell “Grippies”. Pimp your ride with our accessory holders. You can hook your gadget (bags, water bottles, etc.)to your aid with these very handy items.

Below you will find our modern products to pimp your aids with, decorating or using our products will make you the coolest, hippest person in town!

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With the “Rolly” you can pimp the seat of your walker.
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With the “Wheely-covers” you can pimp your whole wheelchair.
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With the “Grippy-single” you can attach a lot of accessories like jewelry/ornaments, key rings or a small bag to your wheelchair, walker or crutch.
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With the “Grippy-double” you can attach accessories like water bottles, a camera bag, jewelry/ornaments or key rings to your wheelchair, walker or crutch.

If you want to order some of our products, please contact us by filling in the fields below. The price of all products as shown below, is € 20,-- each.

If you have any fantastic ideas to pimp yours' or others' practical aid(s) or just want to place a comment, please feel free to contact us by filling in the fields below. Many thanks for taking your time and making the life of the handicapped more colorful!

If there are any questions about your order or other urgent questions, please contact us by phone. The Roos Prommenschenckel Foundation can be reached on Tuesday till Friday between 12:00 AM – 05:00 PM on (0031) 6 523 122 95

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